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Screen Capture Add-On for ESI Systems

If your ESI phone system (Communications Servers or IP Server 900) is equipped with automatic call recording (call logging), there is now the option of an add-on for employee PC screen recording!  This means that, in addition to having the audio recording of a particular conversation, you can now have a “movie” that includes the PC screen activity of the user along with their conversation.  This is beneficial for such things as:

  • Quality assurance/Employee training (for example, to make sure that a customer support rep is efficiently accessing the resources required to answer a customer question or troubleshoot an issue)
  • Order verification (for example, if employees place orders for the company via the Internet while on phone calls)
  • Legal liability (for example, if you have employees who support customers remotely via the Internet (using “help desk” software), and the customer subsequently has a new PC problem, you can prove that you did not cause the problem)
  • Employee PC activity general monitoring

Note that this add-on does not provide retention of continuous screen recording; in other words, screen captures are retained only during the time period for which employees are on  phone calls.

PCs with Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10 are supported.  Multiple monitors are supported (at any given time, the monitor with the active window is being recorded). Screens are captured at up to 8 frames per second.

Prerequisites: in order to purchase this add-on, you must already have the following (contact your local certified ESI reseller if you require any ESI prerequisites):

  • ESI Communications Server or IP Server 900 phone system
  • ASC, hard drive, and Call Logging channel licenses
  • Recording Finder for ESI Systems
  • Server PC with at least 1TB available networked storage recommended (the server does not need to be dedicated)

Each PC to be monitored should have the following minimum specifications:

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10
  • 2GB RAM
  • Multi-core CPU for higher frame rates
  • 2GB disk space
  • Ethernet connection


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